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Welcome to Software ADE

Since our founding in 1996, Software ADE has raised the bar for overall product quality and customer satisfaction.

We provide the knowledge and expertise needed to assure the success of software development and integration projects. From conceptualization to post-implementation maintenance, our staff applies sound engineering principles and a systems view to all phases of the software lifecycle. With experience from academic and industry environments, we use proven practices, theories, techniques and methodologies to create practical automated solutions that solve real-world problems.

"Software ADE provided the principal engineering for architectural modifications in the PD TIS Enterprise. Changes they identified and implemented resulted an annual savings of over $2 million in licensing costs."

We are highly respected for our ability to recognize problems and present appropriate solutions that focus on meeting program goals. Our reputation for excellence has been built by consistently delivering quality products on time and within budget for high-visibility Department of Defense (DoD) projects.